Andrew Milne is a landscape artist living and working in the South Downs National Park in Southern England.

A native of Sussex, his bold, contemporary paintings are inspired by the natural landscape around him and the patterns imposed on it by agriculture and the changing seasons, and the tranquillity and isolation found in rural spaces.

Through his use of vibrant colour, gestural style and loose, free-flowing form, Andrew explores our connection with the countryside, remembered from childhood walks yet encountered daily with the eyes of a mature artist. The hopeful new life of spring and summer’s swaying grasses and crops are inevitably replaced by autumn’s textures, long shadows and then the stark contrasts of winter light in the patchwork of fields and woods of the South Downs. It is this ongoing cycle of nature’s visual feast which he strives to capture and hold still.

Working in mixed media, Andrew’s unforced, elegant paintings often depict beguiling pathways, leading the viewer on what might be a spiritual journey through challenging and colourful landscapes towards something just out of view, or glimpsed fleetingly through trees.

October 2020